Fit Out


When the client approached MQA about this project, they had just completed the La Creme Recruitment restoration project, which had extensively tested their knowledge of restoration techniques and interior design skills. The client was impressed with their work and wanted the same level of skills to be used, only this time on the exciting project of Dublin’s first Private Members’ Club.

The only issue was time, in that it had to be completed from inception to completion in 3 months. At that time, the new Protected Structure Planning laws were in the being enforced, so with careful skill and negation by Una McQuillan, the project proceeded on a phased basis under great time constraints. Between the client, MQA and the construction team, the project was successfully delivered in 3 months, with a spectacular opening night to celebrate.

Architecturally it was very interesting. Built in the 1840′s, it had been carved up and refurbished for many uses over time, with the original staircase to the ground floor removed and moved, cornices and period features taken out and air conditioning inserted with no regard for the historic fabric. MQA was able to create an opulent, vibrant bar and nightclub experience, whilst restoring the original and re-inserting appropriate historical features. It was a challenging but extremely enjoyable project, which they would gladly take on again.