To date, Rockfort House is the most spectacular restoration work we’ve ever done. Stepping in to finish the job after it has already been started – we overhauled the existing designs and reworked the whole building.
We began by carefully re-plastering, rerouting and restoring cornices to show off the beautiful details that already existed. With the intention of creating a space that is fully enhanced by its natural surroundings, we plotted the journey of the sun throughout the day so we could discover where best to place rooms and maximise the sea-views. As a result, tradition was turned on it’s head when the kitchen and living areas found new homes in the upstairs of the building, while the bedrooms rest on ground level.
Inside, the interiors are luxurious reflecting in every instance the personal taste of the client. Hand-painted silk wallpaper, salvaged lighting shipped especially from London and many other features makes Rockfort House a stunning, opulent residence.
Fully equipped to cope with the challenges of modern living the house is completed by a home cinema – creating a home where quality of life is deemed most important.