When the clients of this scheme approached MQA in 2009, they had an idea of a couple of ideas of how to make this beautiful family home more consolidated in terms of modern family life. However, what neither the client nor the architect could really fully envisage was the extent of the impact that the scheme would have on the house, the garden and the resulting quality of life for the family. Most visitors to the house, who have known it over time have been mesmerised by the change to the atmosphere of the entire house by the extension – all created within this simple design.

The brief was to remove an original scullery-type kitchen and an additional playroom / conservatory; to extend the length and width and to create a large family kitchen, living, dining space with associated utility, bathroom and storage. An interesting by-product of the design was the creation of a mezzanine study area under walk-on glass roof lights, which acts as an an ante-room to the formal dining area beyond.

The best natural feature of this design is the south-facing garden, which comes right into the house via the large glass rear doors & screens. The garden is so long that it feels like the rear extension is even larger. The low hedging casts a lot of light into this rear space both in summer and winter & the light is a very important feature.