Another landmark building restoration, the offices of la Crème recruitment are set on historic Pembroke Street which leads up to Dublin famous Fitzwilliam square. This job was full service and beyond, requiring us to do everything from planning to picking out coffee cups.
As always, we took great care in the restoration of this building. Reproducing part of the details plaster work on the ceiling by making moulds and casting afresh. One of the most impressive elements is Portland stone in the front hall. From the second you walk in the door you are met with stunning restoration work, a colour scheme harmonious with the natural materials used and a richness of finish. We paid very careful attention to detail, choosing the right fittings, designing the right furniture and being very specific so that nothing seemed out of place.
A joy to work, on La Crème is a great example of a job where the client really gets involved and understands the process. We were delighted to include them every step of the way and as a result the finished building is something that they truly cherish.