41/41A Blessington Street is a protected structure consisting of 14 no. residential units. However, these buildings would not be classed as typical Georgian terrace houses. The front elevation consists of two visually separate segments nos. 41 and 41A with two separate entrances. They differ in the type of brick, type and rhythm of windows and, most important, in height. It is the last building in a sequence of terraced houses on the west end of Blessington Street and adjoins the Blessington Street Basin Lands.
The brief on this project was to refurbish the existing building into 14 studios, 300sq ft each, complete with bathrooms, beds, kitchens and living areas.
No. 41 is a four-storey building including its basement. It had an extra floor added to the top of the original building, making it taller than the rest of houses in the streetscape, clearly identified by its rendered plaster.