After having worked extensively on the redevelopment of the train station as an architect with BDP, our Director, Una McQuillan was appointed as Project Architect for Anthony Cotter Architects, on the Air Rights Office Building above the train station. This was the first air Rights building to be developed in Ireland and was a lozenge-shape of 200m long and 14m wide, above the road below and running parallel to the platforms. Initially, the structure to carry this was planned to be carried from the fill between the vaults running perpendicular all along at basement level. However, it was decided that a more stable solution was a pre-cast and in-situ concrete, tuning-fork-like structure, would be best as an independent structure from the base of the newly drained and damp-proofed basement vaults below. It was steel that carried the building overhead, on an independent structure, to lessen the noise and vibrations from the trains coming in to the station below.

The building was built by the same main contractor who undertook the train station refurbishment, for an independent property developer who’s ‘rental’ contribution for the air above the train station in turn, paid for its redevelopment. Una’s job was to carry the office block through from inception to completion and she is particularly proud of the choice of glazing system with its grey glass, as opposed to the typical green that was being used extensively in the area. She was the only design-team person on the scheme for the four years from the start of the train station refurbishment to the entire office block construction and then to the fit-out of the offices in the 2nd floor.