Archinect article – 10 Things essential to the journey of an architect

Archinect article – 10 Things essential to the journey of an architect

Australian architect and author of Archi-Ninja, Linda Bennett, has shared the following article with us, summarizing some lessons learned while looking for a job. Considering we have the largest audience of architecture job-seekers in the English-speaking world here at Archinect, we’re sure that many of you will find the article very helpful.

“For me, university was about finding the confidence to explore creativity, the notion of self, and determining my own measurements of expectation. Having now graduated the following article is reflective of my first 2 years working full time in architecture.

My experience in the office so far has required another round of self-configuring: repositioning the value of free thinking, redetermining the notion of self within the larger context of someone elses expectations, and managing my objectives with those of others. The measurement of success is no longer determined by me but by various organisational objectives and requirements.

Essential to the journey of finding my current job, I have initiated substantial life changes that include establishing a career strategy, reevaluating how I position myself in the field of architecture, and questioning who I am as an individual and what I want to contribute to the profession.”

The following 10 things were instrumental in obtaining my job in architecture,